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The10 Highest Selling Vintage Non-Sports Cards

The Junk Wax Investor shows us the 10 most expensive vintage non-sports card sales on eBay

The Junk Wax Investor features the 10 most expensive vintage non-sports card sales on the eBay website over the last two weeks. Some of the sweet looking pre-2000 non-sports cards that were purchased on eBay over the last two weeks included a Marvel Masterpieces Thor, 1966 Batman, 1962 Mars Attacks, and 1991 Premier Rap Pack, Kid Rock card. There were some very cool entertainment cards sold the past two weeks. Which one is your favorite?

1979 Warner Bros Prince Trading Card

The non-sports card category includes collector favorites like Garbage Pail Kids, Marvel Universe, comic book, and entertainment, and any other trading cards outside of the sports and TCG cards categories. The Junk Wax investor YouTube channel is a great place to keep up with the top 10 junk wax era trading card sales every two weeks for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and entertainment. Make sure to check it out!

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