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Pawn Stars Chumlee Buys Rare Pokemon Error Card

The Little Grudge Error can occur when a card is printed incorrectly

In this episode of popular Pawn Stars show on the History Channel, Chumlee calls in an expert from CGC Trading Cards to authenticate an extremely rare Pokemon error card. The Little Grudge error card had both sides printed on the front, while the back was left blank. The expert values the Pokemon card around $3000.00, and the proud card owner finalized a deal, selling it to the pawn shop for $2500.00. Not a bad profit for a single Pokemon card pulled from a theme deck.

The Little Grudge Error can occur when a card is printed incorrectly

The Little Grudge Pokemon Playing Card Error

The Little Grudge Error can occur when a card is printed incorrectly. In the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG), there are over two billion cards in circulation, making the card an error prone one. It is possible to get one of these cards at a very high price, so it’s important to read and understand the error carefully before you buy it.

Despite this mistake, some collectors still find these cards valuable. One such card features a card’s HP value in error, making it more valuable. A similar error affected English Ninetales cards, but those were corrected quickly. The erroneous copy of a Ninetales pokemon card was sold for $8000, while other buyers paid around two thousand dollars for the card. In contrast, an error free copy is selling for as low as $163.

An error card can retain its holographic foil. These cards are highly sought-after by the error card hunting community. In some cases, the error may be as small as the fact that it was printed on a different card backing. Some of these Pokemon cards are also prerelease promos, which feature a ‘PRERELEASE’ stamp and are given out at special events. One such card was accidentally printed with the wrong backing, which is why some people have a hard time identifying it. Happy error hunting!

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