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How Much Money Did I Make With UFC Cards In 2022? 

Joe’s Card Stache looks back at 2022 before he looks ahead to 2023.

Joe’s Card Stache had a great year on eBay, YouTube, and other platforms, earning a grand total of $5,285. However, when looking at the cards he sold and the money he spent on UFC cards, he ended up losing $1,105. Although this seems bad, Joe’s main goal is to build a collection of PC cards that he likes and to make money through investments and flipping to even out his expenses.

While he didn’t achieve his goal this year, Joe still has 20-30 cards in his Pelican case that he kept from last year to sell in January and February. By selling these cards, he expects to earn around $1,500, which will make him positive $500. Given that the market for sports cards, including UFC cards, was steadily declining throughout 2022, Joe is proud of how he performed and considers himself a smarter investor than ever.

Looking ahead to 2023, Joe has two sets of plans: one for how he collects cards and one for Joe’s Card Stache. To collect smarter, Joe plans to set a strict budget and stick to it. He also wants to avoid overspending on breaks, which can quickly get out of hand with the instant gratification of platforms like Whatnot.

For Joe’s Card Stache, he plans to continue his YouTube channel and invest in better equipment to improve the quality of his videos. He also wants to diversify his investments, focusing on other types of collectibles in addition to sports cards. Finally, Joe wants to continue to interact with his audience and provide value to his viewers, sharing his knowledge and experiences in the hobby.

In summary, Joe’s Card Stache had a successful year in 2022 despite the declining market, but he plans to collect smarter and invest in his YouTube channel and other collectibles in 2023. As he looks to achieve his goal of building a collection of PC cards that he likes while making money, Joe encourages others to evaluate their own performance and come up with new ideas to improve their investing strategies.

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