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How JMac Sports Cards Organizes Nearly 10,000 Sports Cards on eBay

JMac Sports Cards showed the importance of having an organized inventory system

JMac Sports Cards recently shared some tips on how to organize inventory. In the video, JMac showcased the unlisted items in his inventory, which are pre-organized by year, sport, and product using dividers. JMac’s listed inventory, on the other hand, is organized by sport, product, and year. This organization system helps JMac and his wife, who assists in picking orders, easily locate items.

JMac also mentioned that they use a generic category for products with insufficient stock to create a complete product line. For instance, if they only have a few cards of Prestige or Optic, they will put them under a generic category, such as “miscellaneous.” However, if they have enough cards of a specific product, like 2021 Optic Football, they will create a separate section for it.

To make the picking process more efficient, JMac uses a screen to cast the order list onto their TV. His wife can easily locate items by checking the TV screen, which helps save time and reduce errors.

JMac highlighted that organizing inventory is crucial for any online business, and it is an ever-evolving process. He shared that they continuously refine their organization system, adding new categories and sections, as necessary. For example, they created a separate section for autographed cards for each sport.

JMac emphasized that having good inventory and being organized are essential for running a successful online business. He also noted that providing excellent customer service and shipping orders promptly are equally important factors for success.

In conclusion, JMac Sports Cards showed the importance of having an organized inventory system for any online sports cards business. Their pre-organized system by year, sport, and product, along with generic categories for insufficient stock, and a separate section for autographed cards, makes their picking and shipping process efficient and accurate.

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