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Tips & Tricks for Setting Up As A Card Show Dealer

Mojo Sports provides card show tips and tricks he learned in his travels

In this video, Mojo Sports discusses how he prepares for a sports card show, including what types of sports cards he brings when he sets up as a dealer. Why would he take a low offer on a card? Should you take profit or hold the card? Mojo Sports will answer those questions with his card show tips and tricks for sports and non-sports trading card dealers, which he has learned over the last year and a half while traveling to various card shows across the country.

Mojo Sports Shows His Sports and Trading Card Display Case

“You know if you want to ask me why do I do it for the kids, honestly man like I just remember being that age and I remember going through the process and with how expensive this thing is now, I think about that. You know I just want kids to have a good experience, a positive experience at their card show and have fun and enjoy it. Have a goodtime and I think that’s what it’s all about for me at least, to pay it forward to pass it on and to continue the legacy to pass the torch. So that’s how we do that.”

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