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WWE And Fanatics To Launch E-Commerce Platform

The new WWE E-commerce website will feature apparel, hard goods, and accessories.

WWE And Fanatics To Launch E-Commerce Platform

On a whim, the wrestling organization has asked fanatics to relaunch the WWE shop. The new e-commerce website will feature an assortment of merchandise including apparel, hard goods, and accessories. The company has reserved the design, manufacture, and distribution rights of the items. This way, WWE fans will be able to celebrate iconic moments in wrestling, as well as the emergence of new Superstars.

The WWE Shop

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Fanatics have announced an agreement to expand their e-commerce offerings and trading card businesses. The partnership will also see the reintroduction of the WWE Shop, where fans can buy merchandise, apparel, and accessories directly from the WWE. Both companies will work together to design and create new merchandise collections, which are reactive to WWE events. In addition, the two companies will develop and produce products based on their unique partnerships.

Fanatics, a leading US online sportswear retailer, has entered into a long-term partnership with WWE. The two companies will collaborate to create new opportunities in e-commerce, trading cards, and non-fungible tokens. The agreement will allow Fanatics to bring their extensive digital sports platform to WWE’s online store. Furthermore, WWE and Fanatics will work together to develop a real-time e-commerce platform. In addition, the two companies will partner with Candy Digital for NFT distribution.

The first three quarters of 2020 have been a good time for WWE Shop. The company generated $59.1 million in consumer products revenue, which includes merch sales. While in-venue merch sales fell by 80% over the prior year, WWE e-commerce merch sales soared 46% to $27.7 million. Executives attributed the success to better understanding fans’ tastes and improving the WWE Shop e-commerce platform’s presence in the digital marketplace.

WWE Trading Cards

The professional wrestling organization has partnered with online sports destination Fanatics to launch an e-commerce platform. The new venture will sell licensed merchandise and NFT trading cards, among other things. The WWE Shop will be relaunched this summer, but the two companies will also sell digital products. Andrews says the partnership is a “game changer” for the wrestling industry, and he’s looking forward to seeing how fans react to it.

The WWE Shop is expected to be launched this summer, and the two companies plan to work together to create a leading merchandise selection. While WWE previously managed its own ecommerce operations, Fanatics is now partnering with the company to oversee the transition and launch new collections. Fans can expect an expansive assortment of products, including apparel, accessories, and hard goods. The new merchandise will celebrate classic WWE moments as well as the emergence of new Superstars.

The two companies plan to partner for a long period of time, as the deal will make it possible for fans to have a seamless experience. Fanatics will create an e-commerce site for fans, as well as produce licensed merchandise, trading cards, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They will also develop an app for fans to share their experiences with their friends.

Mobile Destination

The world of wrestling has entered a new era of commerce, thanks to a new partnership between the WWE and fanatical store giant Fanatics. As part of the deal, Fanatics will offer the WWE brand and its products online, including trading cards, physical merchandise, and digital trading cards. The two companies are set to relaunch the WWE Shop this summer. While many fans are thrilled to see their favorite wrestlers and characters back on the shelves, others are worried they might be out of their favorite merchandise.

The partnership between WWE and Fanatics is a bold one. The two companies will work closely to introduce a new WWE Shop, a platform that will feature licensed apparel, hats, and more. In addition to the WWE Shop, Fanatics will partner with each team to add exclusive rights to create and distribute real-time merchandise collections. Fans can expect to find everything from autographed products to a variety of t-shirts and other products.

In addition to bringing fans a new shopping experience, WWE will also bring a new element of entertainment to the mix. Through this partnership, fans will be able to share their own WWE moments and commercialize them with their friends. As a matter of fact, studies show that the number of eCommerce sales worldwide will reach $5.6 trillion by 2023, a massive increase from the current 14.1%. So it’s clear that the combination of fan-driven content and fan-centric products will be an excellent one for the entertainment industry.

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