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Top 20 Highest Selling 2022 Donruss UFC Cards

What are the Highest Selling 2022 Donruss UFC Cards?

Check out the 20 highest selling 2022 Donruss UFC cards according to recent Ebay sales provided by Justin of justinthelou.

If you love collecting MMA, you will want to check out the new Donruss UFC cards in 2022. This is the first UFC set to come from Donruss, but the cards carry many of the familiar Donruss traits. In addition to the traditional design elements, you’ll find an array of inserts and parallels, including the classic Rated Rookies subset. Additionally, you’ll find one autograph card and one memorabilia card.

The 2022 Donruss UFC trading card set includes one Autographed card, one Memorabilia card, and (60) Inserts/Parallels. The set also has a variety of unique content, including: UFC Rated Rookie Signatures, Octagon Canvas Materials Memorabilia cards, Laser parallels, and more. These cards are a great addition to your collection and are sure to bring a new excitement to the hobby.

The wildly popular 2022 Prizm UFC was Panini’s debut release, and the 2022 Donruss UFC sports cards are sure to follow suit. This set is bursting with dazzling cards, popular Laser parallels, and highly sought after insert sets, including the Paddy Pimblett Rated Rookie. The set will be available in hobby boxes and hobby packs containing ten packs.

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