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Top 10 Highest Selling Non-Sports Trading Cards On Ebay This Week

Which cards top the list of vintage non-sports cards to sell this week?

Junk Wax Investor just dropped his most recent video featuring the 10 most expensive vintage non-sports card sales from pre-2000 that sold on eBay over the last week. He includes Marvel Universe Cards, Comic Book Cards, Entertainment Cards, Garbage Pail Kids. Basically, any type of cards outside of the Sports and TCG Cards categories.

vintage non-sports superman card sale
`A PSA graded 2.5 1940 Superman Sells for a whopping $4,850!

Junk Wax Investor also covers the top 10 Junk Wax era sales every two weeks for Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Non-Sports and “Other Sports”. So make sure to check out the Junk Wax Investor YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe.

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