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The Official UFC NFT Trading Card Packs Are Here!

You can buy, sell and collect your favorite UFC fighter NFTs on the Panini Blockchain Marketplace

The Official UFC trading card NFT packs are now available on the Panini Blockchain Marketplace, where you can find your favorite UFC fighter, buy and sell Ultimate Fighting Championship cards NFTs and start collecting today. You also have a chance to win a sweet UFC 278 VIP experience if you are lucky enough to pull the Golden Ticket. Good Luck!

The Panini Blockchain Marketplace

The Panini Blockchain Marketplace is the first collectible trading card site to use blockchain technology, and it seems to be an exciting new platform for collectors of collectible sports cards.

In the future, Panini plans to release blockchain versions of its high-value sports trading cards. It is expected that some of the company’s products will sell for six-figure prices on the secondary market. This is a significant development for the company, as the popularity of sports trading cards continues to rise. In addition to the new cryptocurrency, Panini has also planned to release physical trading card products using blockchain technology.

Panini began selling NFT trading cards in 2020 and launched a marketplace on their main site. They also launched a partnership with the NFL and UFC and announced that they will sell NFT trading card packs based on their teams and players. These players’ virtual cards will have statistics on the back side. Panini Blockchain Marketplace will continue to expand its sports card offerings over time. We picked up a few packs and the animated cards are pretty cool. The market has a great design and we look forward to seeing how the auctions play out over the first few months.

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