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PSA Updates their Pricing Again!

PSA Updates their Pricing Again + Beckett Expanding Beyond Sports Cards

In this PSA and beckett video, The Sports Card Dad gives updates offered by both companies recently regarding grading services and new card products.

Slabstox, has revealed that PSA has increased their prices again. While the company has a massive backlog of over 12 million cards, it has been able to ship out around 200,000 cards per week. PSA has made this adjustment because they believe that the economy is slowing down and they want to catch up with their customers. This is a positive move on their part, but it will also force them to increase the prices on their higher-end cards.

The new prices could kill the value of base cards and those with a large print population. On the other hand, this will boost the value of PSA 10s, which are hot commodities in the market. This is good news for collectors of these cards, since these cards will command premiums when sold. In the next two years, PSA will reach a milestone of two million annual cards. However, this new update may hurt the value of cards that aren’t PSA-graded.

The company is battling an overwhelming backlog of cards, which has led to an increase in prices. The fastest service now costs $150 instead of $50. PSA’s backlog reached 13-14 million cards at one point, which led to this major update. PSA is trying to address this issue by hiring dozens more card graders. It also increased its capacity, which allows it to grade 40,000 cards a day. However, the backlog is expected to grow even higher – it is currently estimated to be in the region of thirteen or fourteen million cards.

The biggest threat to PSA is its reputation for inaccurate pricing. Collectors’ PSA division was the most popular rating service, but it faced stiff competition from other rating services. With its hefty moat, PSA had a much bigger lead over the competition. However, its focus on electric cars will ensure that the company continues to stay ahead of its competitors. If PSA does continue to increase prices, they could end up taking their own plunge.

Apple also has a good thing to offer when it comes to price increases. Users are warned about price increases via email, push notifications, and the app itself. Additionally, the app gives the option to cancel the subscription if a price increase is too much. While Apple has not yet formally endorsed this program, they are hoping to keep a close watch on the apps that adopt the option.

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