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Packman Pulls His Biggest Card And Gives It Away

He buys 2 box cases and open one for myself and gave away the other

Popular YouTube sports card collector, Packman bought two very expensive cases of 2021 Flawless football cards and decided to keep one , while giving away the other on his Whatnot channel. Considering these boxes go in the $8000.00 price range, this is not something your average card breaker would do. He ripped the first case, which he chose for himself, and didn’t find the monster football card he was seeking.

Signature Gloves 1/3 Trevor Lawrence rookie autograph patch (RPA) card

After having to wait to see what could of been, Packman finally had the chance to open the pricey Flawless case and see what he would be giving away to one of his lucky followers. Well the case contained an absolutely massive Signature Gloves 1/3 Trevor Lawrence rookie autograph patch (RPA) card.

“It’s always a pleasure to give people free stuff (especially something like this), and I can’t wait to do it again in the future!”

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