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Ally Breaks Open A Box Of 1993 Skybox Marvel Masterpieces

Ally from Titan Cards opens up a hobby box of 1993 Skybox Marvel Masterpieces!

Ally from Titan Cards opens up a hobby box of 1993 Skybox Marvel Masterpieces for Stephen O. from North Carolina. Stephen was nice enough to send her a box and letting her open it as a personal break for the channel. How awesome is that? This hobby box break video was a lot of fun to watch and I am sure you will enjoy it as well.

The 1993 Skybox Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards

Whether you’re a die-hard comic fan or just new to collecting trading cards, the 1993 SkyBox Marvel Masterpieces line is one of the highest quality offerings available. These cards feature gorgeous, fantasy-style artwork, and the cards’ fronts bypass the traditional comic look. Artists such as Jusko and Sienkiewicz worked on the cards. The designs are unique, and some are so beautiful you’ll want to own a whole set just to show off your collection.

Titan Cards & Games

Going strong for the past six years, Titan Cards & Games is located on the southwest corner of Park Boulevard and 49th Street in Pinellas Park, Florida. True to its name, Titan specializes in both collectible cards and trading card games, including Sports Cards, Non-Sports Product, Magic: the Gathering, and Pokémon. If you are ever in Pinellas Park, Florida, make sure to stop in and say hello!

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