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7 Sneaky Ways To Profit On Sports Cards

Geoff Wilson lays out 7 ways to make money through sports card arbitrage

There are many ways to profit from sports cards. While card grading is the most common method of generating profits from collecting sports cards, it can also take quite some time. Therefore, you should always have a few other ways to generate extra cash with your cards. While grading is a good way to start making money with your sports cards, buying raw cards for grading can be a good alternative. And of course, you can also sell your slabs and raw cards on websites like COMC and StarStock.

Another way to profit from sports cards is to attend card shows. Some of the biggest shows, such as the National Sports Collectors Convention, will have card shows and a few dealers. You can set up a booth and sell whatever you can get a decent offer on. But you must book ahead of time for a booth at the card show. If you can’t find a suitable location, consider setting up a booth at a card market.

While mass-produced cards from the ’90s won’t skyrocket in value, players from today’s best teams could make a huge jump in value. For example, Vince Carter’s rookie card soared in value after he was selected to the Hall of Fame. And of course, winning with the big leagues will make a player’s card worth more than a minor-league player. However, there is no way to guarantee profit with trading cards.

The prices of sports cards are based on the demand of collectors. The higher the rarity, the higher the price. You can use eBay as a selling platform. But, be aware of the fees involved in selling on eBay. Selling on a platform like eBay comes with a 13% fee that you must pay to the platform. It is worth taking a look at the fees to see which option suits your needs best.

Buying card lots is another way to make profits from sports cards. You need to invest money for this option. However, it will take time and patience. In the long run, you can profit from sports card trading if you know what you are doing. You should first consider buying a few cards and then move up to the more valuable ones. There are so many possibilities in the market. But you should first try these before you make the final decision on how to maximize your profits.

Moreover, you can also invest your money in breaking the value of sports cards. The value of sports cards is directly related to the amount paid for them. So, it’s not uncommon for a sports card collector to make a huge profit from a few hundred dollars. For this purpose, you can make the most of the trending sports card market. Moreover, you can also charge higher fees for your cards and earn even more money from it.

If you have a deep understanding of grading, you can make money from sports card trading. You can choose between ungraded and graded cards. Purchasing ungraded cards is risky because it’s hard to judge the condition of the cards. A personal meeting is the most reliable way to determine whether a sports card is preserved or not. If you have a doubt about its condition, you can ask the seller to send you additional photos of the card so that you can make an informed decision.

Whether you are new to sports card investing or you are a seasoned vet, we are all looking for ways to profit from our sports cards. If this is you, you will want to listen as the Sports Card Investor, Geoff Wilson lays out 7 ways to make money through sports card arbitrage. Enjoy!

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